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Host Species is Linked to Pathogen Genotype for the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis)

Byrne, AQ; Waddle, AW; Saenz, V; Ohmer, M; Jaeger, JR; Richards-Zawacki, CL; Voyles, J; Rosenblum, EB.


Whole exome sequencing identifies conservation units and the potential for genetic rescue in critically endangered Panamanian golden frogs

Byrne, AQ; Richards-Zawacki, CL; Voyles, J; Bi, K; Ibañez, R; Rosenblum, EB.

Global Change Biology


Genetic variation of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is linked to skin bacterial diversity in the pacific treefrog Hyliola regilla (hypochondriaca).

Basanta, MD; Rebollar, EA; García-Castillo, MG; Rosenblum, EB; Byrne, AQ; Piovia-Scott, J; Parra Olea, G.

In press at Environmental Microbiology.


Early presence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Mexico with a contemporary dominance of the global panzootic lineage.

Basanta, MD; Byrne, AQ; Rosenblum, EB; Piovia-Scott, J; Parra Olea, G.

Molecular Ecology


Divergent regional evolutionary histories of a devastating global amphibian pathogen.

Rothstein, AP; Byrne AQ; Knapp, RA; Briggs, CJ; Voyles, J; Richards-Zawacki, CL; Rosenblum, EB.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B


Thermal Performance Curves of Multiple Isolates of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a Lethal Pathogen of Amphibians.

Sheets, CN; Schmidt, DR; Hurtado, PJ; Byrne, AQ; Rosenblum, EB; Richards-Zawacki, CL; Voyles, J.

Frontiers in Veterinary Science


Fungal infection, decline and persistence in the only obligate troglodytic Neotropical salamander

Olivares-Miranda, M; Vredenburg, VT; García-Sánchez, JC; Byrne, AQ; Rosenblum, EB; Rovito​ SM.


Comment on "Amphibian fungal panzootic causes catastrophic and ongoing loss of biodiversity"

Lambert, MR; Womack, MC; Byrne, AQ; Hernández-Gómez, OH; Noss, CF; Rothstein, AR; Blackburn, DC; Collins, JP; Crump, ML; Koo, MS; Nanjappa, P; Rollins-Smith, L; Vredenburg, VT; Rosenblum, EB.


Invasive vegetation affects amphibian skin microbiota and body condition

Hernández-Gómez, OH; Byrne, AQ; Gunderson, AR; Jenkinson, TS; Noss, CF; Rothstein, AR; Womack, MC; Rosenblum, EB.



Cryptic diversity of a widespread global pathogen reveals expanded threats to amphibian conservation

Byrne, AQ; Vredenburg, VT; Martel, A; Pasmans, F; Bell, RC; Blackburn, DC; Bletz, MC; Bosch, J; Briggs, CJ; Brown RM; Catenazzi, A; Familiar López, M; Figueroa-Valenzuela, R; Ghose, SL; Jaeger, JR; Jani, AJ; Jirku, M; Knapp, RA; Muñoz, A; Portik, DM; Richards-Zawacki, CL; Rockney, H; Rovito, SM; Stark, T; Sulaeman, H; Thien Tao, N; Voyles, J; Waddle, AW; Yuan, Z; Rosenblum, EB.



Shifts in disease dynamics in a tropical amphibian assemblage are not due to pathogen attenuation

Voyles, J; Woodhams, DC; Saenz, V; Byrne, AQ; Perez, R; Rios-Sotelo, G; Ryan, MJ; Bletz, MC; Sobell, FA; McLetchie, S; Reinert, L; Rosenblum, EB; Rollins-Smith, LA; Ibáñez, R; Ray, JM; Griffith, EJ; Ross, H; Richards-Zawacki, CL.


Opening the file drawer: Unexpected insights from a chytrid infection experiment

Byrne, AQ; Poorten, TJ; Voyles, J; Willis, CKR; Rosenblum, EB.



Unlocking the story in the swab: A new genotyping assay for the amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Byrne, AQ; Rothstein, AP; Poorten, TJ; Erens, J; Settles, ML; Rosenblum, EB.

Molecular Ecology Resources


Insights from genomics into spatial and temporal variation in Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Byrne, AQ; Voyles, J; Rios-Sotelo, G; Rosenblum, EB.

Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science

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